Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the CONAPP 2020 and 2021 Conferences had to be postponed. We are currently planning to host the first official, in-person CONAPP in 2022! Thank you for your continued support. We will be posting more details about the new dates and plans for the conference. Please continue to stay safe.

CONAPP stands for Consortium of North American Peace Programs. The hope is to create this consortium at the conference in 2022 with the students’ institutions in attendance as the founding members.

An undergraduate student-run, student-centered, peace and justice conference at Gettysburg College (Pennsylvania, USA), Early June 2022. Gettysburg is famous for the United States’ Civil War. We will gather at this site to discuss peace and justice, and dare to imagine radical alternatives!

This is a conference where undergraduate students of peace and justice (and other related programs) from Canada, USA and Mexico will be invited to come share their research, and cutting-edge ideas and practices around peace, justice, conflict resolution and activism. Masters and doctoral students, professors, and community members may attend, learn and dialogue, but the presenters will only be undergraduates.

Too often we ask undergrads to sit back and wait for ‘our turn’. Our turn is now! Many undergraduate leaders have brilliant ideas; we are ready to listen to and learn and co-construct new futures together!

We want to flip the tired conference format on its head, by embracing Freirean praxis (critical reflection plus critical action]. For this conference, presenters will send their ideas in advance for attendees to read so that we walk into the room with questions. We will therefore start the sessions with dialogue and not just presenters talking at attendees with little time at the end for an authentically robust conversation. Additionally, part of the format will also involve a discussion of how to make some aspects from the ‘dialogues’ actionable. These actionable ideas will be collected throughout the conference and then a few will be given some seed monies so that student-leaders can try to implement them.

Please distribute this widely and encourage interested students to contact us at conappgburg@gmail.com.

Acknowledgment: We appreciate the Notre Dame Student Peace Conference website. Much of our website is technically modeled on that one.