Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the CONAPP 2020 Conference has been postponed to June 2021. Thank you for your continued support. During the summer and fall, we will post more details about the new dates. Please continue to stay safe.

This is the first iteration of this conference. We are starting with a very small budget. However, it is our hope one day to be able to sponsor the attendance of as many students as possible. In the meantime, we have tried to keep costs as low as possible and we will be fundraising for scholarships. If you would like to donate, please see our donation page. If you need a scholarship, students will be able to indicate that on the registration form.

Tentative Conference Fees

General Registration:

Students and Activists:
June 8- 8.24 USD
June 9- 15.45 USD
June 10- 15.45 USD
June 11- 8.24 USD

Adjunct and Part-time Faculty:
June 8- 10.30 USD
June 9- 20.60 USD
June 10- 20.60 USD
June 11- 10.30 USD

Full-time Faculty and Other Professionals:
June 8- 12.88 USD
June 9- 25.75 USD
June 10- 25.75 USD
June 11- 12.88 USD

Breakfast: 6.85 USD per day
Lunch: 9.53 USD per day
Dinner: 11.33 USD per day

double: 35.79 USD per night per person
single: 48.51 USD per night

Please note: all prices include a 3% credit card transaction fee.