Planning Committee

We are still seeking students to join the national planning committee. If you’re interested, please email

Anna P., Gettysburg College ’21. Budget Committee, Gettysburg Redress Committee
Pronouns: they, them, theirs

Having attended a couple of conferences, Anna has always wanted to play a greater role in the production of knowledge in academic spaces. They know they are capable but don’t feel that their contributions have always been welcome. CONAPP seeks to prioritize undergraduate knowledge, and that is the main reason Anna is enthusiastically participating. Young folk bring a different class of knowledge, and academia has not yet stomped out the light in undergrad’s eyes. Anna feels CONAPP has the potential to create new worlds of knowledge that we all will benefit from.

Brooke M., Gettysburg College ’19, Social Media Committee, Peace Festival Committee
Pronouns: she, her, hers

Since declaring a Peace and Justice Studies minor at Gettysburg College, Brooke has thoroughly enjoyed the various classes she has taken and events she has attended regarding topics of peace and justice, human rights, and conflict resolution. Her passion for human rights specifically attracted her to the development of CONAPP, because she believes CONAPP will be an incredible platform for the voices of students exploring peace and justice topics across North America to be heard. She is excited to witness the wealth of knowledge and ideas that will be fostered among young leaders at CONAPP, and she believes that the events offered at CONAPP and the connections that will be formed will create positive social change across the continent.

Caroline L., Gettysburg College ’20, Pre-Conference Logistics Committee, Onsite Logistics Committee
Pronouns: she, her, hers

Caroline first heard about CONAPP through the Peace and Justice Council and Professor Williams, and was immediately intrigued by the idea of having a conference on peace and justice studies. Having a conference that is focused on the work of undergraduates is in some ways the icing on the cake for Caroline getting involved in CONAPP, since there is no other conference like this one, and it will give undergraduates an opportunity to share their own research. Caroline understands that having conversations around peace and justice studies is essential if we are going to break down the systemic problems around the world, and that in order to solve the problems this world is facing, we need to hear from individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Caroline looks forward to having a conference that will promote discussions on a variety of topics through an intersectional lens.

Christina N., Gettysburg College ’19, Social Media Committee
Pronouns: she, her, hers

Daniela H., New York University ’20, Pre-Conference Logistics Committee
Pronouns: she, her, hers

Daniela is currently a junior at NYU in their Gallatin School of Individualized Study designing a concentration around Globalization and International Development with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. Fascinated with understanding our global world and dedicated to working through its flawed aspects, Daniela is interested in learning, expanding, and connecting through/with CONNAP. As a firm believer that true change requires a broadening of the imagination and the coming together of various perspectives, she’s looking forward to doing just this at the CONAPP Peace and Justice Conference.

Emma D., Gettysburg College ’19, Scheduling and Content Committee
Pronouns: she, her, hers

Emma was interested in being a part of CONAPP because of her passion for social justice and conflict resolution. Her undergraduate degree in Anthropology and her minors in Peace & Justice Studies and Spanish have developed her interests in diversity, social justice movements, and advocacy. CONAPP was another amazing way to get involved with spreading peace and continuing to educate the community on social justice issues! She has also been involved with planning social justice events on campus through her work as the President of the Peace & Justice Studies Student Council and would love to continue that work after she graduates from Gettysburg.

James M., Gettysburg College ’20, Social Media Committee, Peace Festival Committee
Pronouns: he, him, his

James is in the class of 2020 at Gettysburg College, where he is a Political Science major, with tracks in Political Theory and American Government. He also has minors in Civil War Era Studies and Peace and Justice Studies. He is also a member of the Peace and Justice Student Council and participated on an immersion trip to New Mexico and Texas to study immigration. James believes that CONAPP can be an important factor in creating social change and empowering undergraduate students. He wants the program to become a safe space for all perspectives and to help spread the importance of acceptance. CONAPP is an unique experience that he hopes will spread throughout North America, investing in undergraduate students who can inspire positive praxis. James is excited to involved in such a positive, progressive program that reflects the open-minded, constructive dialogue the world desperately needs. He looks forward to a wonderful week.

Jenna T., Gettysburg College ’21, Scheduling and Content Committee, On-Site Logistics Committee
Pronouns: she, her, hers

Through her role on the team, Jenna contributes to the planning of CONAPP by managing submissions, creating panels, and organizing the schedule for the conference. She will also be found running around during the conference to make sure that everyone is having a great time! Jenna is excited to be a part of the planning of CONAPP as she feels that undergraduate voices are often lost in a world that values the knowledge of more experienced and ‘qualified’ individuals. She is eager to see all of the ‘great work’ that will be accomplished as a result of this conference!

Katie M., Gettysburg College ’20, Scheduling and Content Committee
Pronouns: she, her, hers

Katie became a part of the CONAPP team because of all the positive experiences I gained since becoming involved with Gettysburg’s Peace and Justice Studies program. As a freshman, she immediately became involved in the Peace and Justice Student Senate and was exposed to diverse perspectives and experiences. The department has not only exposed Katie to some thought-provoking courses, but to some incredible people with big visions and passions. That is the reason she joined the team to help plan CONAPP, to allow for undergraduate students to be inspired by their change-making peers and to allow hardworking students to present their work to an arena of similarly motivated students. Peace studies was something Katie knew she wanted to be a part of, and having the opportunity to expose other undergraduates to the magnitude of change that can come from this growing field is another goal she has for CONAPP. Overall Katie wants to allow the same opportunities she has, to be inspired by her fellow peace-making peers and to motivate them to make a change in their own way.

Mayah W., Scheduling and Content Committee
Pronouns: she, her, hers

The CONAPP conference is a great way for students to become involved with topics such as peace, justice, and human rights. Students have brilliant ideas and great suggestions for some of the biggest issues in the world, but they often do not know where to start or how to get their voices heard. The CONAPP conference provides students with the opportunity to present their ideas, discuss possible solutions with peers, network amongst other like-minded individuals, and explore new ideas and research. Mayah is excited that CONAPP provides a setting for students to engage in these ideas and understand different perspectives. By focusing on how to turn dialogue into “action items”, Mayah believes that CONAPP truly encourages students to make actual changes in their communities. Additionally, as a student planned conference, CONAPP is specifically tailored to the needs of students in order to provide a unique educational conference experience. Mayah feels that this conference is the perfect opportunity for those students who are excited about peace, justice, and radical solutions.

Professor Nathifa Greene, Gettysburg College, Faculty Mentor
Pronouns: she, her, hers

Prof. Greene researches social and political philosophy, mainly in feminist theories, non-ideal ethics, and decolonial thought. Her current book project is an ethical analysis of habit in liberatory social practices.

Prof. Greene incorporates contemporary problems and students’ concerns into her teaching, drawing upon Western philosophical traditions as well as transnational and decolonial perspectives in her course design.

As regards this conference, Prof. Greene states “CONAPP is exciting because it is a unique opportunity for undergraduates to share their research and engage in reflective praxis. Gettysburg is usually remembered as a site of war. What a wonderful opportunity to continue the unfinished work by bringing scholars and practitioners here for a conference to engage in peace studies. This is long overdue.”

Professor Hakim Mohandas Amani Williams, Gettysburg College, Faculty Mentor
Pronouns: he, him, his

Professor Williams teaches the text “pedagogy of the oppressed”. This text has transformed his teaching and research and has become a guide for this conference. Prof. Williams envisioned this peace and justice conference that would center the voices, art and activism of undergraduate students from Mexico, USA and Canada, especially during these politically divisive times. Prof. Williams is Associate Professor of Africana Studies and Director of Peace and Justice Studies here at Gettysburg College. He envisions that a consortium will emerge from this conference that will be an incubator for undergraduate peace and justice leadership based on critical and systems thinking. For more information on Prof. Williams see